Resources – FreshForms

If you are looking to do business online, then you will need to let people get in touch with you.

This is normally done with an “opt-in form” or “web form” , however these are difficult to get looking right and you can end up paying a lot of money to designers and web developers to get this in place.

We are happy to recommend which will help you take your ugly opt in forms and make them look great which they’ve proven will increase your conversions.

We also use FreshForms™ ourselves so we know it works.

FreshForms™ is also a great example of an entrepreneurial idea that is well executed.

It was developed to solve a problem that was seen again and again – that of styling web forms.

The project used what is known as “agile” or lean development approach, to go from concept to working prototype to first sale.

It has been running successfully now for several years with customers from all over the world.