Entrepreneurs Academy | The Foundation Course™

The Foundation Course™ is our Core Programme.

We developed the current core curriculum after more than two decades research and modelling some of the most successful public and private entrepreneurs of all time.

During The Foundation Course™ you will learn and master the core elements and fundamentals that we’ve found are necessary for an entrepreneur to succeed, and you’ll have the opportunity start a new venture or build out an existing venture.

We call it a venture as being an entrepreneur and developing a business is an adventure.

Learning to be a successful entrepreneur is more like learning to martial an internal martial art like Tai Chi than to ride a bike. What you do need to know is that you can learn to be a successful entrepreneur and you can produce results in weeks and days not months and years if you learn and apply from those who’ve invested the time and energy into mastering and studying what works.

The truth is that while the world is changing and the tactics may need to change for an entrepreneur, many of the core fundamentals and mindsets have remained the same since day one, and more than that the skills and distinctions you need to gain an advantage and set yourself up for success can be modelled, learnt and mastered.

There can be value in a short 1 hour workshop, but we believe that over 12 months you can really make a big difference and set yourself up for the success you really want.

You will inquire into, learn, discover and develop

  • The core skills of successful entrepreneurs
  • The types and distinctions of successful entrepreneurs
  • Your Why – For being an entrepreneur and to empower you to success
  • Your Game and Rules
  • Your Dashboard and Scoreboard
  • Your Optimal Communication
  • The Key Strategies for Success
  • Core Aspects of Business – Positioning, Sales, Marketing, Quality Control, Customer Service, Fulfilment, Finance, Automation, Delegation and Optimisation
  • The Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • An introduction to The Success Spiral™
  • An introduction to The Merlin Method™
  • Networking and Connection Fundamentals
  • Joint Venture Fundamentals
  • Ethical Web Marketing and Web Domination
  • Accounting 101

The Facts

  • The Foundation Course takes places over 12 months for a minimum of 10 sessions.
  • There are meetings usually one day each month (on average)
  • The Foundation Course™ normally starts in January, April and August each year.
  • Between the live meeting days there are updates by phone and email.
  • We run directly The Foundation Course in London, UK currently and have sister programs operating globally including in Canada, USA and Europe.
  • The participant numbers are kept small usually between 5 and 10 people, so that we can spend time with each of you and help customise your learning and experiences.
  • We recommend that participants attend every session to get maximum value.
  • There are opportunities to attend with your spouse and/or business partner.
  • You will be given some 1-1 time with some of our faculty and mentors where suitable.

=> You are responsible for your travel, living and communication costs.
=> You acknowledge that you are 100% responsible for the results you produce.
=> You commit to being coachable and having a burning desire to learn and apply.